About Us


DEDI.net is your premier source for High End, High Bandwidth, Low Cost self-managed Dedicated Servers. Our high quality servers are offered in San Jose,  California ; New York, New York;  Miami, Florida;  Zurich, Switzerland; and Hamburg, Germany. With super fast deployments and redundant global network offering more than 100Gbps capacity we ensure that your servers are always online with top notch network quality and optimal routing.


  • Our San Jose servers are optimized for both Domestic routes and Asia optimized routes offering stable routes to problematic destinations such as China, Australia and Japan.
  • Our fault tolerant redundant Brocade backed network will ensure that your servers will always benefit the network speed and capacity you expect from a high end high bandwidth dedicated server.
  • With more than 5 domestic upstream providers and 50+ peering partners we are able to make sure our servers are always online and at full capacity.


With DEDI.net there is no catch; no long term contracts; no fine print. All our servers are offered on a month to month contract and can be cancelled at any time. Our servers are ideal for customers who are looking for high quality network, speed and service while keeping their monthly bill low.